Martin Procter, Maths Tutor

Martin Procter, Maths Tutor


My name is Martin Procter and I am a full time professional Maths tutor. I live and operate in South West London. My home, where I do almost all the tutoring, is just off Battersea Rise, SW11, between Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common.

I specialise in A-Level work and also GCSE, but I do tutor all 9 to 18 year olds in Mathematics and pride myself in bringing out the very best in those I tutor. My tuition, tailored to each student’s needs, is designed to make sure that the student understands their Mathematics and gets the best possible grades in school examinations and in external exams such as GCSEs, AS and A Levels, the International Baccalaureate and the 11 plus and 13 plus exams for independent and selective state schools. One to one teaching from an enthusiastic and dedicated specialist Maths Tutor can make all the difference to a student’s Maths results.

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Availability for the year 2018/19

As at 22nd September 2018:

  • I have some time available in my diary for A-level and AS-level students,  especially where we can have lessons during free periods in the school day;
  • I have no remaining slots for year 11 students and younger. I may have some time from June 2019. Sorry!

This situation can change, so do email me (see contact details) if you want to use my services.



Martin Procter – August 2018

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