Martin Procter, Maths Tutor

Martin Procter, Maths Tutor

My name is Martin Procter and I am a full-time professional Maths tutor. I live and operate in South West London. My home, where I do all the tutoring, is just off Battersea Rise, SW11, between Clapham Common and Wandsworth Common.

I specialise in preparing students for A-Level, University Entrance and GCSE exams and pride myself in bringing out the very best in those I tutor. My tuition, tailored to each student’s needs, is designed to make sure that the student understands their Mathematics and gets the best possible grades. One to one teaching from an enthusiastic and dedicated specialist Maths Tutor can make all the difference to a student’s Maths results.

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After the various lockdowns, where I was teaching only via Skype, I’m now (Summer  2021) back to teaching in person at my home. To minimise risk of infection:

  • I have replaced the teaching table with a much larger table to enable social distancing between me and my students.
  • I ask students to wash hands with soap and water on arrival and avoid touching anything away from their seat during their stay.
  • Between lessons, I use a suitable alcohol spray to clean the student’s seat and desk
  • I’ve bought duplicates of textbooks and other teaching materials so that the student and I do not need to pass books between us.
  • Where possible I’ve buying online subscriptions to teaching materials to replace the paper copies.
  • I’ve bought 2 identical large computer screens so that the student and I can see online material and so the student can see things I have typed.
  • I no longer keep students’ exercise books between lessons. Students will need to bring their own books or use A4 sheets provided by me.
  • Students need to bring their own pens, pencils, calculators, compasses etc.
  •  I ask that we wear masks when arriving and departing, but I do not ask for a mask to be worn during lessons

Martin Procter – August 2021

Availability 2021/2022:  My diary is now just about full for the current academic year. I am not taking on any more GCSE students; Sorry! I do have some availability to take on one, or maybe two, A Level students.

Martin Procter – 10th September 2021

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