Click on the down arrow next to Exams in the menu bar above to see the pages on exams. These pages cover the Maths exams taken in our area in both state and independent schools. I explain the various exams formats and exam boards chosen by schools in our area. I cover much of South, West and South-West London plus parts of Surrey.

Independent schools and academy-status state schools have many options to choose from. They can choose what type of exam, what syllabus to use and when to enter students for the exam. These choices are to a lesser extent also available to those state schools remaining under local authority control. In recent years schools have exercised these choices more and more; in many schools, the teachers in charge of each subject can and do choose the exam format and exam board.

I use the word “School” throughout these pages, but of course AS and A levels are also available at sixth form colleges.

Things change all the time, so I am only covering trends in these pages. I do hope that at the very least I explain the situation with Maths exams so that parents and students can better understand a particular school’s policy.

I’ve tried to be clear and concise in these descriptions, I have tried to avoid any teachers’ jargon. However if anything is not clear please don’t hesitate to email me (see “Location – contact me” for contact details). I’ll be happy to answer questions.



Martin Procter – August 2017

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