Here are 7 recent testimonials from parents of students that I have tutored:


From GK:

My daughter had missed quite a lot of lessons at school due to her sport commitments. She generally doesn’t like anybody to help her with the school work, but Martin was not only very helpful but she really enjoyed the session. Martin really cares and wants his pupils to improve their skills, making his tuition interesting. If you are looking for a Maths Tutor you found the right guy!


From EF:

After a much poorer result in Year 8, as compared with Year 7, we asked Martin to support our son ahead of the recent Year 9 exams. Martin quickly established a good working relationship and helped with many of the more challenging areas of the syllabus such as quadratic equations. The Year 9 result was a big improvement on Year 8, and brought our son back to the kind of level he had been at before. We felt that Martin’s tutoring made a real difference, and will certainly go back to him in the future if our son needs support with the GCSE syllabus.


From JS:

My daughter came out of her mock GCSE maths in January with a very lacklustre result. We approached Martin who quickly established which areas needed work and set to work in bringing her up to speed in time for her GCSEs this June. Martin helped her understanding of the subject grow; she responded well to her sessions with him and went into the exams with confidence. Even better, she came out of them feeling she’d done well. Brilliant all round!


From EB:

Martin has been working with our daughter for about a year and she has really enjoyed his tutoring.  She has significantly improved her skills and is much more confident in her mathematical abilities as she heads into her GCSE year. Martin was able to quickly identify the areas where she needed support and focuses a lot on helping her understand the underlying logic rather than mechanically solving the more challenging maths problems. Our daughter now finds maths more interesting and her grades have continued to improve.  Based on our experience, Martin is an excellent tutor and we certainly would recommend him.


From WV:

In the words of our child “Martin helps me understand maths in a comprehensive way”. “He gives me tools and methods that complement what I learn at school.”

We had approached Martin to help our child sustain and expand his passion for maths. As a family we have been extremely happy with the work that Martin has done. Our child would often come back home and show off the concepts he had just learnt.

Martin is very approachable while maintaining a professional approach to his work when required. For instance, we are regularly kept informed of the progress our child makes as well as the milestones they are planning to reach. When asked to focus on a particular task or concept Martin is always ready. Similarly he does his best to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

We are therefore extremely happy with Martin and we recommend him without reservation.


From CS:

Our daughter is doing well at Maths, but we wanted to make sure she was on the right track for her GCSE exams. Martin was able to check this for us and told us she didn’t need tutoring which was very refreshing considering that’s how he makes his living! Our daughter now sees Martin for a couple of sessions before major end of term tests and this ensures she gets great results. What we really like about Martin is that he not only knows his subject and how to convey it effectively, but he also knows all the syllabuses thoroughly and therefore makes sure the student is focusing on the right topics. He’s also super organised and sends regular monthly reports to let us know what he’s done and how our daughter is doing. Our daughter enjoys her sessions and we find his advice invaluable.


From MH:

It became apparent that our daughter was struggling with certain subjects in the maths syllabus in the run up to her GCSEs. Her school could not help in the way we would have liked and, after much research, we found Martin. From the first session with him our daughter felt supported and confident. The environment in which he teaches (his lovely home) is warm and welcoming and he always made the sessions fun. Even if she had had a dreadful day at school after seeing Martin things always seemed brighter-she even looked forward to seeing him early on a Saturday morning!!She went into her iGCSE maths exams full of confidence and came out with a smile on her face. She entered the year with a predicted C-with Martin’s help she achieved a high A. We are so grateful to Martin for, not only, helping our daughter reach her full potential, but also for helping her realise that if the right help is sought you can achieve anything. Thanks Martin!


August 2017


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