This section covers, in no particular order, other exams, past and present in Secondary Maths. I have never taught any of these although would be interested in doing so.



International A Level

2 exam boards offer this – Edexcel and CIE. It’s not widely used in our area (in fact it’s not really used in the UK). It’s similar in structure to the standard A Level, but fewer modules are available.


Cambridge Pre-U

This is another alternative to A Levels.  I’m not really familiar with it, but a scan through the syllabus tells me it isn’t very different to the standard UK A level.


English Baccalaureate

See the section in the Exams tab for the IB (International Baccalaureate).

The English Baccalaureate is not a real qualification; it is merely a presentation of GCSE results flagging pupils who have achieved grade 5 or better at English, Mathematics, History or Geography, a science and a foreign language. I think the Department for Education is losing interest in the English Baccalaureate and I would not be surprised to see it disappear from school statistics in the next year or so.



SATS are set in state primary schools at the end of Key stage 1 (7 year olds) and Key stage 2 (11 year olds). They were abolished in 2009 for secondary school students at the end of Key Stage 3 (14 year olds). So! Secondary schools students no longer have to worry about SATS. They are of great interest to schools as they are judged on the SATS exams; they are of less interest to parents.


Statistics GCSE

Some Exam Boards offer a separate Statistics GCSE which is designed to be taken in addition to Maths. This is not common at schools in our area.


Statistics A and AS Level

The AQA board offers Statistics AS and A Level. These can be taken as an alternative to or in addition to AS and A Level Maths.



Martin Procter – August 2017


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