Services Offered

I teach students in year 10 to year 13 at secondary school.

I no longer tutor students younger than year 10; other tutors specialise in this age range.  I only tutor Maths and/or Statistics.

All my tutoring is one-to-one.

Each tutoring session is tailored to the individual student’s needs. I go as slow or as fast as needed. Tutoring can be at the student’s home or at my home.

I taught Maths in secondary schools until I switched to full time tutoring in 2014 and I keep up to date with the current Maths curricula.

I have a colleague who tutors younger students and also specialises in those studying for the GCSE Foundation paper. Contact  tel. 07789 656154.

Term-Time Tutoring

Most tutoring is during term times, after school on weekday evenings or on Sundays. Sessions for younger students are an hour; GCSE sessions can often be more than an hour (90 or even 120 minutes); IB, AS and A Level sessions are almost always more than an hour, 2 hours being a common duration.

Term-time tutoring can complement the teaching at school. I can ensure that the subject taught in the previous week’s lesson is understood and prepare the student for the next lessons.

Holiday Tutoring

I can arrange specific tutoring sessions during school holidays. These can be on particular areas of Maths where the student needs to catch up or consolidate his or her knowledge in one or more areas of the curriculum. Alternatively, I can provide a student with a head start for the school term ahead by ensuring that the student has a working knowledge of the topics ahead. I will not be doing any tutoring during the summer 2019 holidays.

 Other Tutoring

Talk to me about other needs. For example, a student joining the UK education system part way through the curriculum might need to catch up. The school will be willing to explain what the student is expected to have covered so far but might not be able to find the time to help the student catch up. I can also help with explaining the English Mathematical vocabulary that a non-native English speaker might need.

 Extra Tutoring during study leave

Year 11, 12 and 13 students can benefit from intensive revision-oriented tutoring during study leave for exams in May and June.

 Help with last-minute revision

I am happy to help immediately prior to exams such as GCSEs; it is not unusual for students to realise that they need some help with particular Maths topics in the week or two before an exam. I can be flexible and can help students get the very best possible grade.


Martin Procter – June 2019

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